Beginning of Life Story of Corky the Shelter Dog

Hello. My name is Corky, although at one time in 2009 I didn’t have a real name. This is my story that begins as a puppy who was lucky to escape and become adopted from a shelter. I’m smart. I’m cute. Now I’m writing my story and inviting you to read along to see how it’s going.

Video of the Beginning of Corky’s Life Story

It may not take long to grow from a shelter puppy into an adult dog. I plan on working hard at getting cuter and cuter. After leaving the shelter, I know I never want to go back. Watch this video about the beginning of my life story, and you can follow as you read the transcript below. (Video play time: 01:45 min/sec)

Transcript of Beginning of Life Story of Corky the Shelter Dog

Welcome to the Beginning of Corky’s Life Story. Here’s a video of what I remember in the beginning as Dad tells my story. I was an abandoned puppy at 4 months old at the time we met.

Most days I would walk and walk looking for something to eat. I’d sniff here and there and sometimes check out dumpsters for a quick snack. It is so hard finding free food when you’re a puppy!

Yeah, I saw people. They called “Here doggy doggy”, so I thought that was my name. I remembered mean humans, and didn’t want any two-legged friends, so I ran away.

Night time was scary. Before dark I’d search for a nice place to hide. One night the doggy police found me. Then a lady slipped a noose around my neck and I went for a ride to doggy jail. I’ll tell that story in the next episode.

Want more Corky video? Follow the link to YouTube for more episodes of my story told in video, or follow the link above that to YouTube for those PLUS exclusive videos not shown on my website.

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