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New Doggy Pal Magilla the Pug

A good day for Corky the Shelter Dog became a great day as neighbor and new doggy pal Magilla the Pug came by to visit eariler. Here’s a cute photo as Magilla (left) and Corky pose on a wooden bench

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10 Tests for a CGC Certified Dog

To overcome being a bored dog you might consider getting a Canine Good Citizen certificate by passing 10 tests for a CGC Certified dog. This looks like lots of fun, and then when you pass you could visit retirement homes

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Muscovy Duck Survival Photographs

Watch the growth of one duckling in Florida and his amazing story as illustrated in these Muscovy duck survival photographs. These 3 photographs are all the same Muscovy duckling from last November to earlier this month. It is not unusual

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Pet Dogs on Squirrel Patrol

Dogs kept as pets do work. Don’t think we do? I’m on security duty 24/7. That’s a sweet assignment because a dog can sleep on the job and not get in trouble. Outside the house even pet dogs on squirrel

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Puppy Training Lesson for Humans

What started out as a shopping trip for a jingle bell for training me ended up as a cowbell and puppy training lesson for humans. The photo below shows me, Corky the shelter dog, and a cowbell that hangs by

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Baby Ducks and Puppy Pal

The photo below shows me close to baby ducks (again). I figured I’d let out my secret for getting close to baby ducks. The photo is cropped for this blog illustration, so follow this link to the baby ducks and

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Well Behaved Puppy with Baby Ducks

The usual springtime ducklings were late this year as 13 baby Muscovy ducks appeared last week at the canal near home in Kissimmee, Florida. This puppy is almost 2 years old and gets an A+ in training, so I’ve become

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Shelter Dog Shopping Video

The next Life with Corky video episode “First Doggy Store Shopping Trip” was released earlier on YouTube as well as in the shelter dog video story section of this website. Watch this new episode here or visit Corky’s channel on

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Top 10 Breeds for Dog Intelligence

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but recently I’ve wondered about intelligence in dogs. Curious, I decided to do research to uncover evidence of the top 10 breeds for dog intelligence. My guardians think I manage to score well in

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Corky Sneak Snack Attack Maneuver

Call me a mugger. I don’t care. Maybe you prefer thief or pickpocket? Here’s how to discourage this puppy from doing the Corky sneak snack attack maneuver. You must start with “leave it” when you put absolutely tempting and delicious

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