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Corky Turns 4 Without Any Fanfare

Time passes quickly for Corky the Shelter Dog, and another milestone in his story slipped by as Corky turns 4 without any fanfare. Yes, he had treats and a new toy for his birthday, but no party with friends or

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Road Trip to Lifeline Dog Rescue

This story is about Harley the Weim whom I met, plus all their dogs, on my road trip to Lifeline Dog Rescue in Okeechobee Florida. I love doggies. I am one! This post is mostly about Harley the male Weimaraner,

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Corky Lesson on Mining for Gold Video

Here’s my latest video uploaded to YouTube made especially for my doggy pals on Twitter. Learn my secrets about finding gold in this episode entitled “Corky Lesson on Mining for Gold”. Watch and listen or read along the text narration

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Corky Maine Vacation Report and Pix

After returning from our roadtrip it’s time for the Corky Maine vacation report and pix. My advice is listen and watch carefully when your parents or guardians say “go for a ride” because my latest was a 3000 mile round

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Corky Thank You Note to Dell Computer

A package with a software order arrived yesterday by UPS and Corky the shelter dog was so impressed he decided to write a thank you note to Dell Computer. Dogs can’t really write so Dad will type and narrate the

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Wrong Side of the Fence

I went on early morning photo shoots with Dad several times lately. We left before dark to time it just right for taking Florida sunrise photographs. A neat place in N Kissimmee is a rural area with a cow pasture

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Dexter Kitty King of the Castle

If I, Corky the shelter dog, look puzzled in this picture, I am. I had to ask why is Dexter our rescue kitty lying down in my bed smacking his lips after eating tuna? The answer I expected is NOT

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Price of Gas and Doggy Parks

Who would have guessed the impact of the price of gas and doggy parks? The photo shown is Mill Slough Dog Park near home in Kissimmee, Florida. I go there lately because it is 5 minutes away by car. It

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New Corky Kitty Pal Video Released

Since Dad and I have been going 5-7 miles every day on walkies, he’s lost 10-15 lbs and I gained 1/2 lb plus one new friend, Buddy the cat. Earlier on the main site, a new Corky kitty pal video

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New Puppy Video with Our Cat

Sam our cat is 10 years older than me and it took 2 years in my forever home for us to become pals. Yesterday Dad took video of both of us pets play wrestling and posted it as a new

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