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10 Tests for a CGC Certified Dog

To overcome being a bored dog you might consider getting a Canine Good Citizen certificate by passing 10 tests for a CGC Certified dog. This looks like lots of fun, and then when you pass you could visit retirement homes

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Muscovy Duck Survival Photographs

Watch the growth of one duckling in Florida and his amazing story as illustrated in these Muscovy duck survival photographs. These 3 photographs are all the same Muscovy duckling from last November to earlier this month. It is not unusual

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Last Chapter in Baby Duck Story

Previously I wrote about 13 baby Muscovy ducklings born in late July and living on the canal near our home in Kissimmee, Florida, plus I published some updates of how they developed. In the course of nature the number of

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Duck Leader of the Pack

The group of ducklings living around the canal nearby home in Kissimmee, Florida, continue to grow and develop their adolescent colors. One in particular as shown in the photo here has turned out to be the duck leader of the

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