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Fleet Peeples Dog Park 2013

Enjoy our Fleet Peeples Dog Park 2013 slideshow featuring the park, dogs, lake, and beach on Lake Baldwin in Winter Park, Florida. Use arrows to navigate. Click photos to visit on Flickr. The small photo at the left is Corky

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My Most Watched YouTube Video

Maybe I should look more often at my YouTube account after noticing my most watched YouTube video has almost 500 views! Not bad for a homeless shelter dog that went from life on the streets to finding a forever home.

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New Doggy Pal Magilla the Pug

A good day for Corky the Shelter Dog became a great day as neighbor and new doggy pal Magilla the Pug came by to visit eariler. Here’s a cute photo as Magilla (left) and Corky pose on a wooden bench

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Corky Turns 4 Without Any Fanfare

Time passes quickly for Corky the Shelter Dog, and another milestone in his story slipped by as Corky turns 4 without any fanfare. Yes, he had treats and a new toy for his birthday, but no party with friends or

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10 Tests for a CGC Certified Dog

To overcome being a bored dog you might consider getting a Canine Good Citizen certificate by passing 10 tests for a CGC Certified dog. This looks like lots of fun, and then when you pass you could visit retirement homes

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My Doggy Pal Leila Adopted

The photo here shows female dog Leila with me, Corky the shelter dog, resting after playing at Lifeline Dog Rescue in June. My doggy pal Leila was adopted last weekend and went to a forever home in Florida. Leila was

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Dexter Kitty First Birthday Celebration

The Dexter Kitty first birthday celebration is for our very special male Maine Coon rescue kitten, Dexter, who is 1 year old today. He joined our family of rescue pets last July after being abandoned and dumped in our Kissimmee

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Slideshow of Corky Photographs

View more than 100 pictures in this slideshow of Corky photographs which will include a funny video of Corky sneezing. Did you know? You can click the icon in the lower right box of the slideshow to view this full

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Road Trip to Lifeline Dog Rescue

This story is about Harley the Weim whom I met, plus all their dogs, on my road trip to Lifeline Dog Rescue in Okeechobee Florida. I love doggies. I am one! This post is mostly about Harley the male Weimaraner,

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Corky Social Links Update

The icons in the right sidebar of my website have been updated on all pages to include Facebook. I’ve added a Facebook graphic to the YouTube and Twitter icons because I now have a CorkyTheShelterDog Facebook page to promote pet

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