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New Doggy Pal Magilla the Pug

A good day for Corky the Shelter Dog became a great day as neighbor and new doggy pal Magilla the Pug came by to visit eariler. Here’s a cute photo as Magilla (left) and Corky pose on a wooden bench

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Corky Sneak Snack Attack Maneuver

Call me a mugger. I don’t care. Maybe you prefer thief or pickpocket? Here’s how to discourage this puppy from doing the Corky sneak snack attack maneuver. You must start with “leave it” when you put absolutely tempting and delicious

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Clicker Dog Training Video Fun

Here’s evidence clicker dog training works. Watch this fun video featuring a clicker demo and training routine except the animal student is a sheep instead of a dog. Watch as the animal trainer, Fernando Silva of Portugal, puts the sheep

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