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Corky Celebrates Another Birthday

Check out this “Happy Birthday, Corky” sign at The Landing at China Lake in China, Maine, when Corky turned 3 years old in 2011. Corky celebrates another birthday today. He’s 5 years old! The Landing is at the north end

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Corky Social Links Update

The icons in the right sidebar of my website have been updated on all pages to include Facebook. I’ve added a Facebook graphic to the YouTube and Twitter icons because I now have a CorkyTheShelterDog Facebook page to promote pet

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New Doggy Pal Saturday

Dad and I went to the park for an early photo shoot at Lake Toho in Kissimmee Florida this morning, and I met a new doggy pal, Saturday. Oops, you’re thinking? It’s Thursday Corky! Yeah, I know. My new doggy

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Lifeline Dog Rescue Photo Slideshow

Lifeline Dog Rescue in Central Florida is a non-profit dog rescue and division of Central Florida Weimaraner & Dog Rescue, Inc. You don’t need to live in Florida to adopt a Weimaraner purebred dog. Lifeline Dog Rescue has options to

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Somebody Sleeping in MY Bed

Just like little Goldilocks, our new resuce kitty Dexter still doesn’t understand. Caught in the act it’s not just somebody sleeping in MY bed, it’s Dexter! I’m Corky the shelter dog shown here squeezing in, but it could ruin a

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Little Younger Brother Dexter

Sam our cat and I, Corky the rescue dog, have a new brother as of 5 July 2011. The photo collage shown here is my little younger brother Dexter the rescue kitty. He is an original cutie patootie who can

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Two Years in Forever Home

Today marks two years in my forever home since being rescued from doggy jail. Visit Corky the shelter dog videos on YouTube and you can see me captured and put in my jail cell or my interview with Mom before

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Corky Celebrates Christmas 2010

In my short puppy life the photo here shows how Corky celebrates Christmas 2010. My Christmas 2008 was as a 4 month old orphan dumped on the street. I was rescued from doggy jail the next month and adopted into

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An Empty Cage Saves a Shelter Pet

I connected recently on YouTube with another rescue puppy, Vinny, rescued by ShelterMuttLover, and favorited one of their videos which is a PSA Public Service Announcement promoting rescue pet adoption. That, dear readers, is one of MY favorite subjects. Watch

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Pet Letter from the Rainbow Bridge

This past week of interacting with animal and human pals in Twitter has created an unexpected emotional toll of pain building up as pet parents type news about pawpals crossing the Rainbow Bridge. Perhaps this pretend Pet Letter from the

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