Fleet Peeples Dog Park 2013

Enjoy our Fleet Peeples Dog Park 2013 slideshow featuring the park, dogs, lake, and beach on Lake Baldwin in Winter Park, Florida. Use arrows to navigate. Click photos to visit on Flickr.

corky as puppy with great dane

Corky with Great Dane

The small photo at the left is Corky taken in 2009 when he was less than a year old looking tiny and staring up at a huge Great Dane.

Fleet Peeples Dog Park is a 23 acre enclosed lakefront park that features a pristine lake, a very large beach, grassy areas to play fetch, and a wooded section of trails to explore.

In addition, it has bathrooms for humans, benches and picnic tables, two bathing stations with 4 spray hoses, and water fountains. Outside the dog area is an enclosed playground for children, a boat launch ramp, and sometimes food truck vendors on busy days.

The park is located on the NW corner of Lake Baldwin in Winter Park just NE of Orlando, Florida. Fleet Peeples is the name of the person who generously donated this high value property with the largest portion exclusively for dogs.

Parking and admission is free. Dog owners must have evidence of their dog being up to date on shots.

Several years ago Fleet Peeples Dog Park was honored as one of the Top 10 Dog Parks in the USA.

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