Corky Celebrates Another Birthday

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The Landing: Happy Birthday, Corky

Check out this “Happy Birthday, Corky” sign at The Landing at China Lake in China, Maine, when Corky turned 3 years old in 2011.

Corky celebrates another birthday today. He’s 5 years old!

The Landing is at the north end of China Lake in Maine and serves food and ice cream.

The sign in the photo that Dad took is real. The birthday greeting was added with digital magic.

Corky wasn’t famous in Maine back then. Maybe he is now.

Here’s an example of evidence from an encounter in Florida a few years ago.

While going for a walk near home in Kissimmee a lady stopped Corky and his Dad, and exclaimed “Is THIS Corky?” which Dad confirmed, and then she said “Oh my! I’ve seen his videos! I love his videos!”

The lady and Corky posed for a photo that Dad later emailed to her.

Looking back 5 years, imagine the thrill of going from being abandoned on the street at 4 months old, hauled off to the dog shelter, and being adopted into a forever home.

Not many dogs have a website, blog, YouTube videos, Facebook page, and 5000+ Twitter followers!

Visit Corky the Shelter Dog’s dog years to human years calculator and looking at 5 years at 21 lbs. means Corky is 34 in human years!

Looking for a dog to add to your family? Please consider a shelter dog like Corky. Please adopt. Don’t buy. Local rescue groups and animal shelters have millions of dogs that need a home.

Rescue a dog or cat. That would make a wonderful gift for Corky as he celebrates another birthday!

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