New Doggy Pal Magilla the Pug

A good day for Corky the Shelter Dog became a great day as neighbor and new doggy pal Magilla the Pug came by to visit eariler. Here’s a cute photo as Magilla (left) and Corky pose on a wooden bench deciding what to do first.

magilla and corky wide on bench

Magilla the black Pug and Corky the TerrierX mutt go nose to nose saying “Hi”.

Magilla was temporarily banned from coming inside because he marked territory and upset the humans. Hey! That’s what we do! Anyhow, Magilla made a trip to the jewel thief a couple weeks ago, and he was (almost) on his best behavior today.

Magilla is just one of many new doggy pals in the neighborhood. When we meet another dog I am allowed off leash so we don’t get tangled up. I have matured with clicker training, and will sit and stay, or come when called. People are surprised at my good behavior.

Cooler weather has finally come to Central Florida, so I won’t get overheated with fun things like playing fetch. With luck I’ll get to go to the dog park, and maybe my new pal Magilla can come with us!

Life is good!

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