Corky Turns 4 Without Any Fanfare

corky in july 2010

Corky the Shelter Dog in July 2010

Time passes quickly for Corky the Shelter Dog, and another milestone in his story slipped by as Corky turns 4 without any fanfare. Yes, he had treats and a new toy for his birthday, but no party with friends or big announcement on Twitter.

Though dumped on the street and his exact age was unknown when rescued in 2009, based on an exam by the veterinarian and his age in weeks, Corky’s Mom and Dad set his birthday as August 18, 2008.

The photo here shows Corky just before his second birthday in 2010.

He went from 13 lbs. to 20 lbs. in one year, and then full grown at 21 lbs. now.

Based on his weight and actual years this calculator for dog age in human years puts his age at 27. Follow that link to figure out your doggy’s age in human years. It works for cats, too!

The difference in maturity is apparent.

Instead of going around a light pole and getting stuck with his leash, he’s figured out the secret of turning around and backtracking. Likewise, he now kicks up plenty of grass and dirt to mark territory after doing his business. As a puppy he did kicks straight out without hitting anything.

After 4 years and 4,000 followers on Twitter, Corky continues to enjoy the life he deserved. He says “thanks” to all his pals and the people who continue to be fans of Corky the Shelter Dog.

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2 comments on “Corky Turns 4 Without Any Fanfare
  1. Georgia says:

    Happy Birthday to Corky! I’m sure he’s celebrating everyday that he got such great humans to adopt him. He’s a fortunate little guy!

  2. Corky says:

    Thanks, Georgia. *hugs