My Doggy Pal Leila Adopted

The photo here shows female dog Leila with me, Corky the shelter dog, resting after playing at Lifeline Dog Rescue in June. My doggy pal Leila was adopted last weekend and went to a forever home in Florida.

rescue dogs leila and corky

Rescue Dogs Leila (left) and Corky (right) at Lifeline Dog Rescue in Florida

Leila was living at Lifeline Dog Rescue in Okeechobee, Florida, when this photo was taken. I was visiting with “Dad” who was there to take pictures for their website.

Her new family has two children, 7 and 5. Like me, she now has a forever home. Leila is 18 months old, and I’ll be 4 years old next month, and we’re about the same size. She lives with 2 kids and human parents. I live with 2 rescue cats, plus Mom and Dad.

We both now have homes where we are safe and comfy.

Leila and I are some of the lucky dogs. She left behind about 20 dogs still looking for forever homes. I was in a public shelter where old or unhealthy dogs may never find a home.

Looking to add a dog as a companion in your family?

Please adopt. Don’t buy. Think ahead, too. The #1 reason that people surrender their dogs is moving. Whether moving by choice or forced due to the economy, treat your dog like family and try to keep them with you.

If you must surrender your dog, consider a dog rescue group. They are no-kill and you can provide important information to help them find your dog an ideal new home. Shelters operate under different rules, and most have time limits due to budget constraints. Most shelter dogs have a 50/50 chance of being adopted. Dog rescue group pets have no time limit and a 100% chance.

I will miss play wrestling and running with my doggy pal Leila. After being in my forever home for 3 years, I know any sadness that Leila feels will be quickly forgotten. Visit your local dog shelter or rescue group when looking for a dog, and help write another happy tails ending.

Adopt a dog. You’ll get unconditional love in return.

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