Dexter Kitty First Birthday Celebration

The Dexter Kitty first birthday celebration is for our very special male Maine Coon rescue kitten, Dexter, who is 1 year old today. He joined our family of rescue pets last July after being abandoned and dumped in our Kissimmee Florida neighborhood.

dexter kitty with older cat sam

Male Felines Dexter Kitty (rt), a Maine Coon, and Sam (lt) a Gray Tabby, Nap Together

The photo above is Dexter lounging with his older feline brother Sam the cat who is 13, and will be 14 in September. Today Dexter is bigger than Sam at one year old!

The next two baby photos below are also from July 2011 and show Dexter the male Maine Coon rescue kitten who was estimated at 4 weeks old by the veterinarian. Counting backwards we set his birthday as 6 June 2011.

dexter kitty at 1 month old

Dexter Kitty at 1 Month Old in July 2011

dexter kitty at 4 weeks old

Dexter Kitty Cute Face at 4 Weeks Old

At 4 weeks Dexter did not need litterbox training. No potty mistakes were made from day one. In addition, he ate kitty kibble and drank water without being shown how. Most kittens stay with their mom until 8 weeks old, so Dexter proved he’s smart and strong enough to survive.

In July 2011 Dexter weighed 1.1 lbs. exactly, and Maine Coon kittens continue to grow up to 2 years. The average weight of an adult male Maine Coon cat is 15-25 lbs. Some weigh 30 pounds or more which is usually due to overfeeding.

On his first birthday Dexter weighs in at 9.8 lbs. today, so maybe he will be full grown at 15 lbs. by his next birthday. Otherwise, at 25 lbs. he would be bigger than ME, Corky the shelter dog at 21 lbs.

Dexter is highly intelligent compared to Sam, and very entertaining. He already took over the family cuteness title, too.

What makes Dexter different? For one, he cups his right paw and scoops up a single kibble that he lifts to his mouth to eat like a human! He was named Dexter after a town in Maine, yet his name could be short for “dexterity”, too!

Last week while relaxing on the porch, our human parents were surprised when they saw our car lights blink as the doors were unlocked. Going inside they found Dexter rummaging through Mom’s purse and clicking the keyless entry button while playing with her car keys!

Want to see how Dexter changed in one year? View beautiful photos of Dexter the Maine Coon on Dad’s Flickr stream. Click each for an enlarged version.

Happy Birthday, Dexter! At one year old we could call you Dexter the Cat even though Maine Coon males remain playful for years and years. That’s okay, too!

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