Corky the Shelter Dog on Facebook

Part of online success includes being social, and one of my newer social network strategies is Corky the Shelter Dog on Facebook. The photo here is my first Corky Facebook banner graphic. The original was taken at Fleet Peeples Dog Park near Orlando, Florida, and is one of my favorite places in the universe.

corky facebook banner graphic

Facebook Banner Photo Graphic Used on the Corky the Shelter Dog Facebook Page

Facebook terms of service include a minimum age of 13 years old to have an account. Several human parents of my animal pals on Twitter created Facebook accounts for their pets. Some accounts were deleted for violating the rules. Unfortunately, the Facebook terms are for humans only, and they must be at least 13.

Fortunately, people with accounts can create Facebook pages and that’s the way for dogs and cats, or other pets, to join the Facebook social network. Once setup, you may also link your page to Twitter, so each post on your wall becomes a tweet in Twitter. Cool, huh?

If you are a Corky fan on my site, blog, Twitter, or YouTube and have a Facebook page, please let me know so I can LIKE yours. You may want to LIKE my Corky the Shelter Dog Facebook page to return the favor.

My goal is to promote the adoption of shelter dogs and other rescue pets, so you’re welcome to post related content on my wall.

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