Road Trip to Lifeline Dog Rescue

This story is about Harley the Weim whom I met, plus all their dogs, on my road trip to Lifeline Dog Rescue in Okeechobee Florida. I love doggies. I am one! This post is mostly about Harley the male Weimaraner, who was surrendered by his owner in Ohio and transported by volunteers to Florida.

Harley stays in foster at the Lifeline Dog Rescue headquarters, but came to their 3 acre dog rescue facility for a fun day to meet me and have pictures taken. He deserves some fun. He will have surgery Thursday which I’ll describe later.

weim harley in the lake with corky lifeline dog rescue property and lake general the horse with mom and corky

The photos shown above are (left) Harley the Weimaraner in the beautiful lake at Lifeline with me, Corky the Shelter Dog, then (center) part of their 3 acre dog rescue property and lake, and then (right) my Mom with General the foster horse and me.

Click on any or all of the photos for a 1200 x 900 pixel desktop wallpaper version that you can download to your computer. *Psst – I never ever saw a horse before. Can you tell he wasn’t scared of me? OMD he’s big!

Here’s more about my new pal, Harley, and how you can help Harley by donating towards his surgery and recuperation.

Update: Harley has recovered remarkably and became a Lifeline resident at the home of founder Denise Ridgeon.

Visit the Lifeline Dog Rescue blog post and ChipIn campaign for Harley for details about his story and pictures of that ugly growth. From the photo above, and the time we ran and played yesterday, you wouldn’t know he had a sore paw. However, that benign tumor on his hind paw continues to grow so the veterinarian and a surgical specialist recommended surgery.

Harley will have an operation to remove that large growth on Thursday, 16 February 2012, and doctors determined he will lose one toe in the procedure. Pre-op costs were $800 for veterinarian bills and the biopsy that determined the growth is benign. Just the surgery is $1500 more. Followup vet visits and recuperation will cost even more!

Harley is a sweet and lovable happy boy (doggy) and deserves to recover his health, and then be adopted into a forever home (like me). Please visit the ChipIn blog post to donate and help defray some of this unexpected cost, plus encourage your friends and family to help out, too.

Lifeline Dog Rescue specializes in the Weimaraner breed, yet provides a safe sanctuary for other breeds of dogs. Please help them continue to help more dogs like Harley. Any amount no matter how small will be greatly appreciated.

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