Dexter Kitty Eats Like a Horse

Dexter the rescue kitty, my new little brother, is a Maine Coon breed kitten and will be 7 months old in another week. He eats like a horse and is already bigger than my little older brother, Sam the cat who is 13 years old, and 8 pounds. The photo collage shown is Dexter kitty at more than nine pounds.

dexter kitty in paper bag

Dexter Kitty Shows Heads and Tails While Playing in a Paper Bag

Nine? Yes, actually 9.6 pounds! The photographs show him playing in a paper grocery bag. Dexter claims all boxes and bags that my parents bring home or get delivered. Previous posts show him playing in a small bubble wrap envelope, and another in a Nike shoe box. No more. He won’t fit.

The photo left is Dexter viewing his domain, and shows why he stole the cuteness title from me. The top right is Dexter poking out of the bag. The bottom right is his bottom sticking out and showing off his huge and fluffy Maine Coon tail.

On my annual checkup earlier this month I weighed in at 21 pounds. Gained 1 in 1 year. Our veterinarian says male Maine Coon cats can grow up to 25 pounds. Say what?!! I’m full grown, so that might mean Dexter will claim the heavyweight champion title for tonnage to add to his cuteness monopoly.

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