Corky Social Links Update

The icons in the right sidebar of my website have been updated on all pages to include Facebook. I’ve added a Facebook graphic to the YouTube and Twitter icons because I now have a CorkyTheShelterDog Facebook page to promote pet rescue.

Here are bigger versions of my social icons that link to my social networks on YouTube (20 videos and counting), Twitter (over 3,700 followers) and now Facebook (with X number of likes).

Corky YouTube graphic Corky Twitter graphic Corky Facebook graphic

In addition to these accounts, new social bookmarking icons are at the bottom on each page and under the date of each blog post of my website, also.

Those allow you to use your accounts to Google +1, like on Facebook, or tweet about the page you are visiting. Mouse over the share button next to those and a flyout menu offers over 300 more social bookmarking website choices.

Visit my social sites to meet my connections and learn more about adopting a shelter dog, rescue dog, or other pet. When considering adding a pet to your family, adopt instead of buy, and make sure to spay or neuter.

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