Dexter Kitty on Kitty Condo

Our Maine Coon rescue kitty Dexter has a new kitty condo so he can play or lounge around while viewing his domain from up high. He will be 6 months old on December 5th, and he’s grown from 1.1 lbs. on July 5th to 7.5 lbs. in the last 5 months.

Dexter kitty on kitty condo

Wow! That Dexter is growing fast! Maine Coon cats are known to be handsome furballs with very fluffy tails. The 3 photos above show Dexter kitty’s condo and fluffy tail (left), a close up of his face and markings (center), and his big kitty paws (right).

You can view these and download enlarged versions for desktop wallpaper on Dad’s Flickr photo stream. Here’s a link to the kitty photo set of Dexter.

Like me, Dexter was abandoned on the street and rescued into a loving home. Thinking of a pet for the holiday season? Please visit an animal shelter or rescue organization to adopt. Unscrupulous breeders and puppy mills are responsible for pet overpopulation which leads to the euthanization of millions of potential animal companions every year.

Pets are not intended to be discarded like yesterday’s trash or newspaper. Before dumping an unwanted pet on the street where it could be killed or injured, please contact a rescue organization or surrender your pet to animal control.

Knowing a pet’s health, behavior, and family history helps place them in a suitable home. Adopt. Don’t buy. Surrender. Don’t abandon. It’s the least your pets deserve. Thanks and hugs.

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