Somebody Sleeping in MY Bed

Just like little Goldilocks, our new resuce kitty Dexter still doesn’t understand. Caught in the act it’s not just somebody sleeping in MY bed, it’s Dexter! I’m Corky the shelter dog shown here squeezing in, but it could ruin a doggy’s reputation sharing his bed with a c-a-t.

Corky and Dexter kitty share bed

Dexter the rescue kitty has been in our family since July 5, 2011. At the time he only weighed 1.1 lbs. soaking wet. He went to 2.6 lbs. in just 2 weeks. Now he doubled that to 5.2 lbs. since our vacation in August.

On the bright side he’s big enough to play wrestle with me. Being a polite puppy I let him win. On the not so bright side, Dexter kitty is likewise big enough that it’s time for a visit to the vet, aka jewel thief. Yup. Dexter has an appointment to be neutered on Monday.

Besides me and Dexter, our older brother Sam the cat is missing his jewels, too. That’s the price we pay for being rescued into a loving family. If you are thinking of adding a pet to your family, PLEASE visit the local pet shelter.

Millions of healthy pets are euthanized every year because too many people buy pets instead of visiting a pet rescue organization to adopt a cat, kitten, dog, or puppy. With unconditional love from a pet who likes to snuggle, you won’t mind saying you caught “Somebody sleeping in MY bed!”

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