New Large Size Doggy Wallpapers

My site now features new large size doggy wallpapers for people interested in downloading the desktop wallpaper photographs on my website. 267 photographs of me, Corky the shelter dog, plus pictures of dogs and puppies and my favorite dog park were enlarged so now all are 1200 x 900 pixels.

Here’s a cropped version of one of the desktop wallpapers showing me looking up at a black and white spotted great dane.

Corky puppy stares at spotted great dane

Bigger, better, and higher quality pet photos replaced the old ones yet kept the same file name, so the links are still good in Google Image Search. As you visit the photo gallery pages, click a thumbnail to view the new size. They were 800 x 600 pixels before, so I made the 1200 x 900 my new standard.

To see examples of the new large size doggy wallpapers visit the Corky Friends Photo Gallery or the Fleet Peeples Park Photo Gallery. On average the file size of each is 5 times bigger.

Click any of the thumbnails and the new 1200 x 900 wallpaper will open on the next screen, and then right-click to download and use as desktop wallpaper on your computer. To save time, you can right-click and select “set as desktop background” to have them immediately replace your old wallpaper. Enjoy!

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