Corky Lesson on Mining for Gold Video

Here’s my latest video uploaded to YouTube made especially for my doggy pals on Twitter. Learn my secrets about finding gold in this episode entitled “Corky Lesson on Mining for Gold”. Watch and listen or read along the text narration below. (Play time 03:00 min/sec)

Transcript of Narration of Corky Lesson on Mining for Gold Video

Here I am, Corky the shelter dog, exploring the lake and enjoying the sunset on my vacation in Maine. You can practice mining for gold in a lake but there’s better ways. These ducks are only watching. They can’t do what dogs can do, so I’m not worried about them learning my secrets, but I’m telling my friends for free.

Who would have guessed a doggy could mine for gold? We can. It would be easier if we had thumbs because people mine gold in 2 ways. One – they dig in the ground with a pick to find streaks of gold. That can take years. Two – they pan for gold in a stream. That’s easier and faster – especially if you’re a dog.

One day while on vacation it rained hard for hours. That flooded my private beach and left a stream running through it to the lake. This, my friends, was the perfect opportunity to videotape “Corky Lesson on Mining for Gold”.

Unlike humans, dogs have superior senses… and intelligence. My doggy pals can use their nose to sniff gold, so have your human let you smell a gold ring or necklace so you remember the scent. If you didn’t notice, I made a trail going upstream because digging after you smell gold can muddy the water.

By going upstream you only go through clean water which makes sniffing gold easier. Once you think you’ve found a gold nugget it’s time to dig. That’s something else we can do better than humans. Dig dig and dig some more. You will get dirty and that’s half the fun.

Did I find gold? Nope. Or at least “nope” is the official answer. Find gold and brag about it and burglars might steal your gold nuggets when you go for a walk. Give all your gold to your guardians so they can take it to the pawn shop and use the money to buy you doggy treats.

That’s all you need to know about mining for gold. Sniff the gold. Dig the gold. Pawn the gold. Buy treats.

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4 comments on “Corky Lesson on Mining for Gold Video
  1. Niqqi says:

    Loved the gold-digging lesson, Corky!! Worth every single bit of mud! Thank you!

  2. Corky says:

    If you try that in Illinois all you need is one gold nugget, Niqqi. Gold is up to a bajillion dollars already. That can buy LOTS of doggy treats.

  3. Marie Degerstrom says:

    Hi Corky Thanks for the lesson on Gold Mining Dixie and Buster will have to try it.

  4. Corky says:

    Thanks for taking time to comment, (Aunt) Marie. The digging part is fun. Dixie and Buster will love it.