Corky Maine Vacation Report and Pix

After returning from our roadtrip it’s time for the Corky Maine vacation report and pix. My advice is listen and watch carefully when your parents or guardians say “go for a ride” because my latest was a 3000 mile round trip to Maine.

corky maine vacation pix collage

The above roadtrip pets photo collage shows me and my feline brothers with a few examples of our Maine vacation adventure.

The left photo is Dexter the rescue kitty and Sam our rescue cat sharing MY bed in the back seat of our car. What a good doggy I was to let them snuggle in with me for a more relaxed and enjoyable ride. Hah.

The center photo is me, Corky the shelter dog, posing on the boat dock with China Lake in the background. Maine is way north of Florida (almost to Canada!) so the lake water was extra cool and refreshing compared to home.

The right photo is me again, only this time I’m eyeballing pork baby back spare ribs on the picnic table. That’s Mom’s elbow to my right, and I decided to wait politely for my fair share rather than risk getting caught stealing.

In Maine Dad and I went on early morning daily walks, and as usual he was a picture taking fool. Yup. He posted hundreds of pix on his Flickr account, and you can see pix of Corky on vacation in my Corky the shelter dog set.

Want to see the lake, town, people, places and other excitement? View the entire 200+ Maine vacation pix to see stuff I saw.

Coming later will be a tutorial video of me panning for gold, and other vacation advice for dogs.

For now, you may want to watch Dad’s nature video and take a tour of the Old Swimming Hole located “Down Back” in Derby, Maine,

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3 comments on “Corky Maine Vacation Report and Pix
  1. Hey Corky…. I just happened on your blog and decided to introduce myself. Very nice blog and videos. I see that you have two cats in your life, so I didn’t hesitate to introduce myself. Have a great day, pal.


  2. Corky says:

    Hi, Max – Thanks for saying HI. My kitty pals in Twitter gave me advice about cats when I was a puppy: If the cat is sleeping, do not bother the cat. Then if the cat is awake, do not bother the cat. Easy.

  3. TillyBaby xxx says:

    Hi Corky.

    Looks like you had a great vacation and your owners love you to bits.

    Catch Ya soon.

    Love and Best Wishes.

    (11 Month Old Bitchon Frise)