Wrong Side of the Fence

brave Corky in cow pasture I went on early morning photo shoots with Dad several times lately. We left before dark to time it just right for taking Florida sunrise photographs. A neat place in N Kissimmee is a rural area with a cow pasture so there are no trees or houses between you and the rising sun. Today, as shown here, that’s me, Corky the shelter dog, looking brave as Dad took pictures while I ended up on the wrong side of the fence.

Yes. There are cows and bulls in that pasture. Look at this photo of one bull with long horns taken in the fog last week, and you can understand why I wasn’t allowed on the other side of the fence. Bulls can be dangerous, but don’t I look brave!

Today, I couldn’t resist getting a closer sniff of cow droppings plus I wanted to see just how big cows and bulls really are! If my fur looks mussed up, it is. I left some hair on the barbed wire when sticking my head through to get to that wrong side of the fence. That didn’t last long. Dad called me back after taking a short video of me in the pasture, so getting a closer sniff must wait for another day.

Can you imagine the horror if the bull charged us? I’d have to save Dad and dragging him by an ankle to safety would have been hard work!

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