Little Younger Brother Dexter

Sam our cat and I, Corky the rescue dog, have a new brother as of 5 July 2011. The photo collage shown here is my little younger brother Dexter the rescue kitty. He is an original cutie patootie who can give lessons on cuteness!

Dexter the rescue kitty collage

That makes 3 male rescue pets with a rescue dog, a rescue cat, and now a rescue kitty in our family, plus Mom and Dad!

Similar to me, who was dumped on the street and sent to doggy jail before being rescued, Dexter was dumped on the street in our neighborhood at night on July 5th. The poor little rascal was confused and scared because he is a teenie tiny little baby kitty.

Lucky for Dexter, he found us before the animal control people found him. He is a very young kitten and weighs exactly 1.1 lbs. which happens to be an important number. In Osceola County Florida shelter pets must be at least 2 lbs. to qualify for spay or neuter and adoption, so any stray pets captured under 2 lbs. are immediately put to sleep!

Once my parents heard that (and were told “Bring him back next week when he’s at least 2 lbs.”) they decided to keep him as our newest family member. They didn’t have a name picked out because they were unsure about keeping him. After watching him for 24 hours and thinking of cool names, they decided, so now Dexter joins Sam our cat, and me – Corky the shelter dog, for one big happy family.

For now we can only guess based on Dexter weighing 1.1 lbs. that he’s about 5 weeks old. Dexter the rescue kitty has brown tabby colors with tufted ear tips which look very much like a Maine Coon breed cat. We’ll find out if he is truly a Maine Coon Cat when he grows a little more and pick out a birthday from advice when he goes to the vet.

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2 comments on “Little Younger Brother Dexter
  1. JustAnotherTrnd says:

    DUSTY: What a lucky little guy Dexter is. So tiny, so cute!
    HURLEY: Sure glad you all gave him a forever home. 1.1 lbs is light!
    DUSTY: Make sure he doesn’t blow away on a windy day!

  2. Corky says:

    Thanks for the comments Dusty and Hurley. Dexter is a lightweight kitty yet fearless when he leaps off the back of the recliner doing a kitty swan dive. He and Sam are pals already. Sam our cat is almost 12 years old and this morning he make believe wrestled and played hide and seek with Dexter!

    He’s almost TOO cute. I lived here 2 years before Sam would play wrestle with me!