Dexter the Attack Kitty and Sam

Here’s a video of our newest family member, Dexter the rescue kitty. He lives here after being dumped on the street in our neighborhood when he only weighed 1.1 lbs. In the video Dexter the attack kitty is pestering Sam, our 12 year old (rescue) cat, by swatting and biting his tail.

Sam is being good and just lets the kitty have fun. Watch for my cameo appearance, Corky the shelter dog, at around 00:56 seconds just making sure everyone is playing fair. (Playtime: 01:39 min/sec)

I must admit Dexter the rescue kitty has cuteness galore. See more photos of Dexter the kitty on Flickr for close up shots showing his colors and other cute kitty poses. You can see this same video and more Corky the shelter dog videos on YouTube, too.

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