Dexter Kitty King of the Castle

If I, Corky the shelter dog, look puzzled in this picture, I am.

I had to ask why is Dexter our rescue kitty lying down in my bed smacking his lips after eating tuna? The answer I expected is NOT because he has tuna juice on his lips!

Dexter kitty in Corky's bed

Let’s try that again, only with a more direct question: WHY is Dexter in MY BED?!!

He’s cute. He’s a kitten. I get it. He’s so cute I want to gag sometimes! I let him play wrestle and tackle me then let him win. Sam our cat does, too. He uses my bushy tail for a toy. I let him.

Dexter has been living here 12 short days while going from abandoned and dumped on the street in our neighborhood to King of the Castle. Let’s hope he matures quickly and learns to share the wealth with the cat and me.

We love the little rascal and want him to stay a part of our happy family, so it’s okay if I let him borrow my bed. He needs to learn it’s still mine!

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2 comments on “Dexter Kitty King of the Castle
  1. Jean in VA says:

    That’s the same question that my little Tinker ask. Why do the kitties always sleep in my bed. Don’t worry Tinker gets to sleep with us.

  2. Corky says:

    Same here every night. Mom, Dad, Sam our cat, Dexter kitty, and me all in one big bed. Still I ask all the time “Why we need a cat?!!”