Corky Thank You Note to Dell Computer

A package with a software order arrived yesterday by UPS and Corky the shelter dog was so impressed he decided to write a thank you note to Dell Computer. Dogs can’t really write so Dad will type and narrate the note in this video to explain why Corky LOVES Dell Computer. You can listen or read the thank you note transcript below this video. (play time: 01:32 min/sec)

Transcript of Video: Corky Thank You Note to Dell Computer

I’m Corky the shelter dog and this is a video starring Dexter the kitty entitled: Corky Thank You Note to Dell Computer. I had to write them to say what a great job they did.

Dear Dell Computer Team,

Dad ordered software from you and saved $50 off normal retail price. That made him smile which made me smile.
You shipped his software in a free kitty toy envelope. Our rescue kitty, Dexter, LOVES his bubble wrap envelope!
Dad took video of Dexter kitty playing with his new toy. He’s funny. That made Mom smile which made me smile.

You gave Dad free delivery by UPS Ground and promised his software would arrive in 7 days, or sooner.
Was it enough to save $50, get free freight, PLUS a great new toy? No. You did more to make everyone smile.
He ordered online Wednesday. The UPS driver delivered the software order Thursday, so it arrived the next day.

I love my family. I love watching Dexter our rescue kitty enjoy his new toy. Now I love Dell Computer!

Thanks and hugs,


The End

Dexter and Corky (plus their older brother Sam the cat) are all rescue pets. Remember: If you have room in your home for a pet, don’t buy from a store. Millions of healthy cats and dogs like us are waiting at a nearby shelter to join your family. Thanks!

*Disclaimer: In compliance with the United States Federal Trade Commission Guide for Product Endorsements by bloggers I hereby state that the opinions of me, Corky the shelter dog, or my legal guardian(s) who do my typing, bear no material or financial connection with Dell Computer and the aforementioned positive endorsement of their company was stated independently as a private opinion given willingly without any type of compensation and without prior solicitation or encouragement even though Dell did give Dad $50 off, free freight, and that exceptional free kitty bubble wrap envelope toy.

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One comment on “Corky Thank You Note to Dell Computer
  1. setters99 says:

    Well done Corky! Who knew you could buy kitty toys at Dell? Well, maybe we should have known….after all, there was that farmer in the Dell….I suppose his cows and chickens and stuff needed recreation!