Price of Gas and Doggy Parks

Mill Slough Dog Park Who would have guessed the impact of the price of gas and doggy parks? The photo shown is Mill Slough Dog Park near home in Kissimmee, Florida. I go there lately because it is 5 minutes away by car.

It is enclosed with a run for larger dogs yet rather small compared to my favorite doggy park and the play area is shared by small and big dogs alike.

Any doggy park visit is better than staying home, so I am NOT COMPLAINING.

The cost of gas for a 2 hour round trip means some animal pal families may not be able to afford going often. That’s the case locally as the price of gas continued to rise in recent months. Mill Slough is not bad, but the biggest problem is being the only dog there almost every time I visit.

Happily gas prices are dropping and I may get back on track to visit my fave park more often. Crosses paws. Says doggy prayer.

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