Pet Dogs on Squirrel Patrol

corky watching treed squirrel Dogs kept as pets do work. Don’t think we do? I’m on security duty 24/7. That’s a sweet assignment because a dog can sleep on the job and not get in trouble.

Outside the house even pet dogs on squirrel patrol are doing their job.

Dogs can sleep with one eye open and hear intruders to sound the alarm by barking to scare them away.

I do a low “grrrrr” sound if I suspect something wrong, and then bark like a big dog to wake up my parents as a backup plan.

The photo here is me, Corky the shelter dog, as taken a few days ago with me looking up at a treed gray squirrel and sniffing his tiny little squirrel tracks.

Personally, I’m trained to “leave it” if told to ignore everything from trash, glass, or cigarette butts to cats, dogs, birds, or squirrels. Playing off leash I once allowed a squirrel to pass across a large open space of the park where I was playing fetch because Dad said “Leave it.”

Dog training is not always easy to obey.

Squirrels are less trouble in trees, so any of them found frolicking on the ground will be promptly chased up a tree by most dogs. To chase or not to chase is a tough decision for dogs on squirrel patrol.

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