Mills Slough Dog Park

The portrait photo here is me, Corky the shelter dog, on a visit last week to Mills Slough Dog Park in Kissimmee, Florida.

dog Corky on a large tree

The dog park is an enclosed area within the larger human park. The photo is in the human park before going in to play in the dog park section.

The tree shown fell over a bajillion years ago, so there’s roots above ground and hollow places for dogs to explore and have fun. As you can see, the roots are BIG and have bark just like branches above ground.

Why am I off leash in the human part of the park? Mostly because I behave and listen to commands like “leave it”. I do “leave it” for squirrels, cats, dogs, people, trash, glass, cigarette butts, and just about anything if Dad says so.

Children could learn from that lesson. With privilege comes responsibility. Be good and you get cool privileges like playing off leash inside (and outside) places similar to Mills Slough Dog Park.

Stay tuned. I have video footage of me climbing that tree to be released soon. The photo here will be the still shot intro at the beginning as voted on by my pals on Twitter.

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