Two Years in Forever Home

two years in forever home Today marks two years in my forever home since being rescued from doggy jail. Visit Corky the shelter dog videos on YouTube and you can see me captured and put in my jail cell or my interview with Mom before being adopted on this day in 2009.

I was a scruffy puppy when I was dumped on the street at 4 months old and left to wander. Having a nice family with 3 beds, food and safety, and a little older brother Sam the cat means life is grand.

Update: I decided to add my video about my capture and time in doggy jail. Watch now! Excitement galore! Helicopters. Police. Drama.

As shown in the portrait above of me in my forever home you can see I cleaned up pretty good for a street pup. Got out of jail, too!

Want to help celebrate my anniversary?

Not all pets are as lucky as me, so on this two year forever home anniversary for Corky please consider adding a shelter pet to your family. I’m a mutt and sometimes a rescue mutt is your best choice for a special friend who stays loyal forever.

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