Corky Celebrates Christmas 2010

corky at christmas 2010 In my short puppy life the photo here shows how Corky celebrates Christmas 2010. My Christmas 2008 was as a 4 month old orphan dumped on the street.

I was rescued from doggy jail the next month and adopted into my forever home. Christmas in 2009 and now in 2010 have been MUCH happier times!

Shown here is me under our Christmas tree today, 25 December 2010, and I’m holding a stuffed raccoon toy with squeaker. I usually chew new toys apart to remove the squeaker. We call that a squeakerectomy.

I can’t explain why unless maybe I’m just more mature, but I’d rather play with my new toy than chew it open.

Though Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ and for giving gifts, the best gift you can give a dog or cat is giving them a forever home. As you celebrate the Christmas season consider our 4-legged friends being held in animal shelters, and make room in your home and add a rescue pet to the family.

If not for rescue parents, Corky the shelter dog would not have a website with videos and the opportunity to tell his life story. Yes, Christmas is about giving, yet for abandoned pets looking for a home it will be enough if all you can afford is love. Trust me. I know.

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