Lazy Boy on My La-Z-Boy Recliner

Here I am, Corky the shelter dog, being a lazy boy on my La-Z-Boy recliner and watching television in one of several versions of this photograph. The blue background is a Snuggie™ blankie just in time for cooler Florida weather. That and the chair are MINE but I let Mom think she owns both!

Corky on La-Z-Boy watching television

The cropped version of the photo displayed here shows me reading the TV Guide and smoking a pipe while sitting in Mom’s chair! That’s digital trickery because 1) I am too young to smoke and 2) won’t smoke when I get older either! You can see the uncropped version of this trick photo of Corky on Twitpic or look at the original untouched photo on Flickr without the pipe or TV Guide.

Check out enlarged views of the TwitPic and Flickr versions for 1200px wide wallpaper to download, too!

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