Last Chapter in Baby Duck Story

Previously I wrote about 13 baby Muscovy ducklings born in late July and living on the canal near our home in Kissimmee, Florida, plus I published some updates of how they developed. In the course of nature the number of survivors dwindled down to 4 of the last 5 shown here. The 4 ducklings are now young adults and capable of flying away, so for this group this is the last chapter in my baby duck story.

Mom, Dad, and 5 baby ducks

While losing any of my little feathered friends is sad, this is the first group in several years to have at least some of the ducklings survive to become adults. The Mom (center) with her back to the camera and 2 of her ducklings flew away and live somewhere else. Poppa duck (far back) and 2 male ducklings have stayed on at the canal.

4 baby ducks have made it. Since my previous report a 6th duck was killed and eaten by a bald eagle. I know because Dad and I saw the eagle having breakfast one morning on the grass at the edge of the canal while going for a walk. **it Happens. The 5th of the young adult ducks shown here was killed in traffic when flying too low across a divided highway. I expect there will be another brood next Spring, so stay tuned for future baby duck news.

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