Corky Fireman Rescue Demonstration

corky shows fireman rescue carry While at Fleet Peeples Dog Park near Orlando yesterday Corky the shelter dog had the opportunity to show off how he learned fireman rescue techniques. On the beach and not far from the edge of the lake other dogs had dug a deep pit in the wet sand.

While play wrestling with another puppy, Corky decided to show what he calls the Corky fireman rescue demonstration. In the photograph you can see how he climbs out of the sand pit while carrying a doggy actor who is pretending to be injured.

The same method of rescue could be used in a house fire, drowning rescue, mountain rescue, and maybe even situations like Timmy fell down the well! Take a closer look and you may notice that Corky stopped to smile for the camera to show he is super strong and has no problem carrying a doggy pal to safety.

This gives a whole new meaning to doggy rescue!

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