Puppy Training Lesson for Humans

What started out as a shopping trip for a jingle bell for training me ended up as a cowbell and puppy training lesson for humans. The photo below shows me, Corky the shelter dog, and a cowbell that hangs by the back door that I ring to let my parents know I want to go for a walk.

puppy Corky and his cowbell

When looking for a jingle bell to hang on a ribbon, Mom got excited seeing the cowbell and decided on that instead. Dad hung it nose high using a piece of old nylon leash. Here’s how the training began. Each time we left for walkies they’d ring the bell on the way out. Eventually I caught on, and would ring the bell with my snout to signal I wanted out.

Guess what? They’d come running to take me for a walk! The next lesson was teaching them that I wanted out 5-6 times a day! Weak bladder? No. Mom complained that we walked and walked but I would never pee, and said the bell idea wasn’t working. Dad chimed in and said the training works just fine! Corky rings the bell when he wants to go out, not when he needs to go out.

Keep an eye on Corky. He may want driving lessons next!

Funny Update: Sometimes that cowbell lesson backfires. Dad awoke to a ringing cowbell at 4:30 a.m. once, and took me for a walk. I did nothing but sniff as we walked and walked. He gave up, brought me home, and walking down the hallway we see the cat whacking the cowbell. BOL (Barking Out Loud)!!

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