An Empty Cage Saves a Shelter Pet

I connected recently on YouTube with another rescue puppy, Vinny, rescued by ShelterMuttLover, and favorited one of their videos which is a PSA Public Service Announcement promoting rescue pet adoption. That, dear readers, is one of MY favorite subjects. Watch the video as Vinny the shelter dog explains how an empty cage saves a shelter pet:

Is that incredible?!! Vinny the rescue dog has amazing dog stories, and fantastic doggy tricks, which prove you don’t have to be a thoroughbred to display the talents of a show dog. Yup, just like me Vinny is a mutt! Besides my life being saved, I never realized that when I was rescued from doggy jail I left behind an empty cage which made room for another shelter pet.

If you are considering adding a pet to your home, please visit YOUR local animal shelter or rescue organization. Cats, dogs, and other pets including exotics are waiting for a loving home. Millions die every year because they run out of time.

The animal shelter where I was rescued changed their holding rules from 7 to 3 days. Cute, lovable, healthy pets enter the system and get 72 hours to impress a guardian. That’s 72 hours, or else, because new pets arriving for adoption are so numerous, and beautiful companions like Vinny or Corky are put to death to make room for more. Won’t you help and empty just one cage?

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