Well Behaved Puppy with Baby Ducks

The usual springtime ducklings were late this year as 13 baby Muscovy ducks appeared last week at the canal near home in Kissimmee, Florida. This puppy is almost 2 years old and gets an A+ in training, so I’ve become a well behaved puppy with baby ducks.

Momma and ducklings closeup Corky sniffing ducklings closeup

The 2 photos shown above are (left) the Muscovy Momma duck in the water at the edge of the canal in a closeup with some of her 13 ducklings, and then (right) a photo of me, Corky the shelter dog, less than a foot away while sniffing several ducklings.

In my dog training the leave it command can be for ducks, squirrels, cats, people, or whatever, so I don’t bark or lunge at the baby ducklings. In just 1 week they learned I won’t hurt them, so they get really really close to my sniffer. Not shown, but very cute: another duckling walked across my tail.

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