Gentle Giant English Mastiff

My newest puppy pawpal is a gentle giant English Mastiff met during a surprise trip to Fleet Peeples Dog Park near Orlando yesterday. Check out the photograph collage of my pal Brutus the Mastiff who weighs a whopping 170 lbs (77 kg), and he’s just a puppy!

mastiff puppy Brutus photo collage

His owner said Brutus may gain another 70 lbs before he’s full grown. That will make him bigger than my Dad, or equal to 12 of me at 19 lbs! Click the photo or this link for Brutus in desktop wallpaper size (1200px wide).

One problem being such a big dog as explained by the owner, is most dogs don’t want to play. Brutus the Mastiff tried and tried to make friends and play with EVERY dog there, yet most ran away. How sad. He truly is a gentle giant which you will understand once you look past the size.

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4 comments on “Gentle Giant English Mastiff
  1. Smokey Pino says:

    Oh datz true! My uncle has a beautiful Spanish water dog and she’s huge! Always happy and wanting to play but my sister Collette doesn’t like very much because her playing is a bit ruff. I hope he finds playmates soon! Signed: Smokey8 fr Twitter

  2. Corky says:

    Brutus the Mastiff was really gentle and never growled or barked, so he’s just a big rolley polley puppy! I can understand Collette though. One mistake bump could feel like being hit by a truck.

    Thanks for taking time to comment, Smokey. If not already, readers can follow YOU at Smokey8 on Twitter. Smokey is one of the bajillion kitty pawpals I follow, and he has over 11,000 tweets, so get to know him!

  3. Dusty & Hurley says:

    DUSTY: You meet such interesting new friends, Corky. It’s so cool that you and your dad go out and take time to get to know other dogs.
    HURLEY: I would be a little afraid to roughhouse with Brutus, but I would love to sniff around and chase squirrels with him.

  4. Corky says:

    Thanks for the comment Dusty, and Hurley. I could be that “lucky dog” you often hear about in that old time saying. Life is grand.

    10 days before meeting Brutus there was a meetup of Great Dane owners. For tiny puppies like me the dog park was like being stuck in a stampede.

    Readers can follow Dusty and Hurley aka @JustAnotherTrnd on Twitter. They are VERY social and entertaining.