Dogs Who Entertain Themselves

This title describes ME, Corky the Shelter Dog. I am one of those dogs who entertain themselves. As one example, I play alone with my ball flipping it in the air, letting it bounce, stalking it, chasing it, and pouncing on it. I play from one end of the house to the other for long periods of time.

Watch my eyes and you’ll discover I’m in another world just pretending while having fun yet oblivious to anything or anyone around. Here’s another of those dogs who entertain themselves.

brown dog stalks dragonfly

The photo of this medium sized brown dog stalking a dragonfly was taken 2 weeks ago at Fleet Peeples Dog Park near Orlando. The circle above his head shows the dragonfly in flight while the large insert shows an enlarged view of the bug.

Use the circle above the dog’s head for reference for a better look. How? View the brown dog stalks dragonfly wallpaper (1200 px wide) and study the look in his eyes as he stares at the bug. Remember the circle above his head, and the dragonfly should be easier to spot now.

Unlike this narrow strip illustration cropped from the original photo, the desktop wallpaper version shows a large and beautiful area of Fleet Peeples Dog Park including trees, grassy area, bushes in bloom, the wooden bench, and woods.

That brown dog stayed on the grassy area playing alone for 10-15 minutes as he leaped and chased the dragonfly back and forth in a 30 foot square open area. The fun time continued similar to me “in another world just pretending” while maybe 30-40 dogs frolicked on the beach just 100 feet away.

A dog can be alone at home or out with 40 dogs nearby while playing solo to entertain themselves. Dad’s theory concludes this canine behavior is a sign of superior intelligence. Who could argue with that?!

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