Dog Park Weekend Challenge

During Twitter chat yesterday a Corky puppy pal had a wish list to pick just one fun thing for the weekend that included: dog park, bacon, long nap, long walk, or cheese. Dad decided we could try to do all in one day, and almost did.

puppy Corky peeks over a tree stump

The photo above was taken earlier today at Mill Slough Dog Park in Kissimmee, Florida, and shows Corky the shelter dog peeking over a tree stump. The long nap, long walk, and cheese were a snap. I’ll get bacon tomorrow to complete the weekend quadfecta.

Any day is a good day going to the dog park, and after days and days of rain today was perfect. The wish list and Dog Park Weekend Challenge will be a huge success even if we miss that bacon tomorrow. With so many pals still in animal shelters waiting to be adopted, I really am a lucky dog.

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