Baby Ducks and Puppy Pal

The photo below shows me close to baby ducks (again). I figured I’d let out my secret for getting close to baby ducks. The photo is cropped for this blog illustration, so follow this link to the baby ducks and puppy pal wallpaper (1200 px wide) for a big version of the complete graphic, or click the illustration here:

puppy Corky and baby ducks

The illustration shows a Momma duck with 8 baby ducks looking at me, Corky. Notice the leash is loose so I’m free to move about while Dad was taking the photo, and then realize Momma knows I won’t lunge at her or the ducklings.

The secret to this trust is revealed in the photo insert that shows a big knife used to prepare bread cubes. Besides those pieces of bread just cut on the paper towel, some are already in the plastic bag Dad carries to entice the ducks closer (and closer).

Look in the green grass between the ducks and me and see pieces Dad tossed on the ground. He has taught me “leave it” and “stay”, so he trusts me and so does the Momma duck after getting closer and closer over weeks and weeks. That’s my secret for how you become a puppy pal to baby ducks.

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One comment on “Baby Ducks and Puppy Pal
  1. Steve says:

    Kudos to your blog and all of the efforts you make! I think you’re conveying a great message that will make many dog lovers realize that there are plenty of dogs of all ages in need of a loving home out there.