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corky and oscar animated Twitter pals had fun in March 2010 getting an anipal to number one in an online contest at one of the voting walls for

For Best of Twitter the winner was @MattieDog by a landslide. He promised stuff for your vote like genuine knockoff bacon beer, tickets to go bowling, and other smooth lies that you might expect from a real politician. Congrats, Mattie!

At the end on March 31st, out of the top 25 he was #1 and the ONLY pawpal in that group. In April the Twitter critter corner came out in droves in a winner take all free for all lusting for a top spot in the online poll. March madness to get Mattie a win became all out bedlam in April.

With less than a week left in the contest the TOP 50 for Best of Twitter were ALL animals.

As a result of all that fun turning to stress, I decided I would no longer participate and tweeted my “Down with the Wall” sermon. You are welcome to use that and these other tweets for your followers if you regret being involved. Copy/paste these to tweet:

“Down with the Wall” sermon: I decided to stop visits to enter or vote on the wall.

Wall voting 10 min/day is 60 hrs/year. Time better spent: [fill in the blank]

VOTE at the wall for 1 minute and just 10 times a day? In 10 years you waste 25 days.

10 minutes a day voting is 60 hours per year or a 10 day vacation if you work 40 hours.

Want out? Follow @VoteWall. They follow back. DM them to be taken off the wall. Voila.

To my surprise you do not have to enter to be in the contest. I first discovered my spot on page 12, or the top 300 out of over 600 contestants, because a friend tweeted that they had voted for ME, and I never chose to be there.

The system allows you to vote again every 20 minutes for as many entrants as you want. Thus, vote for yourself, and you could return once their timer expired in 20 minutes to vote again, and again, and again. At last check I was in the Top 100.

The ego inflation and voting frenzy did get out of hand. Imagine pressuring yourself to vote every 20 minutes. Yikes. Some people did. As a result, claims of voting fraud, vote bots, and worse got tweeted back and forth. Early on in April that Twitter vote wall just for fun became a battleground. Catfight. Dogfight. Cat-dogfight.

Read that last tweet suggestion again. You can easily be removed from the wall contests if you notice people voting for you. Defining time better spent means feeding ME (treats) not the ego.

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6 comments on “Twitter Vote Wall Just for Fun
  1. PrincessGwenie says:

    So true. Now I need to go play with true furiends. xoxox PG

  2. Vote Wall says:

    We created these contests for fun. It’s important to not overdo anything like watching too much TV or surfing the Internet. We were pleasantly surprised to see all the animals had taken over the best of Twitter contest. The folks at VoteWall are very big animal lovers and thought it was a great way of bringing a cause to light. Feel free to check out Rocky and all his brothers and sisters at All the cats in the videos are stray rescues from a cat rescue group partly run by the folks at Faxo who personally sheltered and adopted out 100’s of animals (mostly cats who were on death row from kill shelters). We’re big animals rights activists and the owner has been a vegetarian for 20 years…

    I guess in the future we will provide some kind of manual opt out button (which could be dangerous if someone accidentally presses it after voting for weeks). We’re not sure what the big deal is in just leaving your profile up and not voting but we’ll gladly try to accommodate all requests.

    Big love to you my furry (and not so furry) friends,

  3. SwtGeorgiaBrwn says:

    Thanks, Corky.. I understand that things are getting even more dastardly. I am trying to decide what to do. Either way I hurt feelings. I do hate the wall!

  4. Corky says:

    Thanks for taking the time to comment, PG. Besides time lost the verbal war of accusations in Twitter and some comments on were the red flag that people were taking this WAY too seriously. (See the reply eloquently explained by the creators at in their comment above).

  5. Corky says:

    Thanks to Team for the comments and especially the link to your rescue animal video stars on YouTube. The animals taking over the Best of Twitter wall in April may be appropriate during Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month, so I’m glad you were pleased.

    I didn’t join or register to get in the April contest. If asked, I wouldn’t. Rather than adding an opt out button, how about a limit on the opt-in to join a contest? Remove the option to add others so only I choose whether or not my ID can be on the wall.

    That way if I choose not to join a contest and no one can enter me, I won’t get mention tweets from friends to acknowledge, hurt any feelings if I miss one or don’t reciprocate, or feel obligated to refer new followers in the future to this blog post to explain how I feel.

    Some people “attack” animal owners who choose to write in the first person as if their pet could type. Another social site has deleted accounts of anipals for TOS violations for being nonhuman or under age. To your credit you DO provide a fun place for your visitors in a wide variety of forms, and DO indulge the Twitter Critter corner in our niche on Twitter.

    Thanks, again, for taking the time to comment. Perhaps a practical solution is making it so people must sign in with their Twitter account to get listed in a contest.

  6. Corky says:

    Thanks for commenting, SwtGeorgiaBrwn. Anything taken to the extreme can get out of hand. The team at replied that an opt-out button is being considered. Perhaps my reply and suggestion to them that account owners must opt-in to be listed in contests will work. I agree with the potential hurt feelings of friends who are active in the wall just for fun.