Summer Doggy Haircut in Winter

Corky early summer haircut The photo here is me, Corky the shelter dog, exploring rocks and showing off my summer doggy haircut in winter.

Spring is ony a couple weeks away, yet because of a problem with matting the groomer needed to clip my fur down to 3mm (1/8th inch).

Attempts to leave the fur a little longer didn’t work because the clippers pulled and hurt (so I tried several times to b-i-t-e the groomer). They had to call my parents for permission to give me the buzz cut. At least they left some fur on my head and bushy tail.

Okay, so a summer doggy haircut in the spring may make sense, but in the winter? Thankfully, I live in Florida so a summer haircut should work year around.

This winter has been especially cold with temperatures staying 15-20 degrees below average, so here’s the good news! I got clothes! I have a blue fleece jacket with high collar, and a purple down hooded coat to keep me cozy when it’s really really cold.

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