Frisbee Trainer Dasha the Dog

Did you ever attend a show at a zoo or animal theme park and see fantastic performances? I did, but at the dog park! Yesterday at Fleet Peeples Dog Park I met frisbee trainer Dasha the dog. She was nearly flawless running to chase down a frisbee and leaping at the right moment to catch it in midair as shown in the photo here. The really fantastic performance is what came next.

dog Dasha catching frisbee

Dasha is 2-1/2 years old and learned frisbee catching from her guardian, but even more amazing is she now trains humans to play frisbee, too. Yes, Dasha is a dog and expert frisbee trainer. When her human tossed the frisbee she caught it then came to my Dad and dropped it at his feet. She backed up two steps, sat on her haunches, then waited for Dad to toss it next.

Humans are such slow learners. They’re lucky dogs have great patience. Dad was dumbfounded that Dasha brought the frisbee to him instead of Dasha’s guardian. Duh! “Pick it up, Dad!” I was thinking, but he still didn’t get it. Dasha stared at his face and finally barked twice. She barked twice again and the human trainee finally understood.

Dad picked up the frisbee and gave it a toss. Dasha caught it in midair, ran to return it at Dad’s feet, backed up, sat, and then patiently stared. No barking was required as he tossed it again. This was repeated several times until Dad was properly trained.

Dasha the dog, star and trainer, continued to select spectators from the crowd that had gathered. She then patiently trained each human in the fine art of dog park frisbee fun.

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2 comments on “Frisbee Trainer Dasha the Dog
  1. Dasha is amazing. Can she teach me to do that jump/twist move? 🙂

  2. Corky says:

    I believe Dasha would share her secrets. I’ve been to that park 5-6 times and have 200+ photos of the dogs of Fleet Peeples Dog Park which is in Winter Park near Orlando, yet met many of those dogs just once. I see new faces every time!