Corky Sneak Snack Attack Maneuver

Corky snags training treats Call me a mugger. I don’t care. Maybe you prefer thief or pickpocket? Here’s how to discourage this puppy from doing the Corky sneak snack attack maneuver.

You must start with “leave it” when you put absolutely tempting and delicious training treats within reach of any dog.

The photo here is me, Corky the shelter dog, emptying Dad’s clicker training treat bag with my snout buried to the bottom and gobbling up all the snacks like a horse in a feedbag. You can see the top of my head, both ears, and a little of the clicker training treat bag.

How did this happen? On walkies today Dad took some gorgeous closeup pix of mallard ducks near the canal. The photo shown above is us side by side on the tiny cement bench. He was distracted coaxing the ducks closer before he noticed me wolfing down all but the last Bil-Jac liver snack. Dad snapped the photo evidence as he stretched out his arm while aiming the camera towards us.

Dogs don’t get embarrassed and we don’t have to apologize. Humans set the rules, and it’s their fault if they forget to say “leave it”. I did the Corky sneak snack attack maneuver which is what any smart puppy would do. Guilty? Nope!

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