An Ounce of Puppy Cuteness

Corky dirty face portrait An explanation for avoiding blame for a hole in the lawn was first written here, so if you see this quote 100 years from now you will know it was originally written by Corky the Shelter Dog:

“An ounce of puppy cuteness can erase blame for a ton of mischief.” – Corky

The dirty face portrait of me, Corky the Shelter Dog, as shown here was the inspiration for the quote above. You can see comments about this photo and the number of views on Twitpic where a BIG version of this photo was first posted.

Here’s the original caption for the photo:

“Somebody digged a hole in our lawn? What hole? Where? …and WHY you asking me?”

Dogs do what dogs do by nature, and hiding evidence isn’t one. Yes, the photo definitely casts suspicion on yours truly for digging up the lawn, yet if asked and could talk I’d reply with a question to avoid admitting guilt. Who says dogs aren’t smart?

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