Doggy Fun Playing Peekaboo

Corky playing peekaboo At the end of walks and clicker training I’m often treated with doggy fun playing peekaboo.

The game is easy to play. Dashing to the top of the redwood deck I can peek around the upright posts or above and below the horizontal rail boards to look at Dad on the other side. The photo here is extra cute because I’m resting between rails with paws crossed, and have my tongue out drooling in anticipation.

He moves left or right to mix up the correct response and says “Peekaboo” as I follow and then pose as shown in the photograph here. I’m immediately rewarded for stopping where he said “Peekaboo” with a treat depending on what he has in the treat bag for clicker training that day.

The reward could be a small chunk of chicken, beef, or turkey. Sometimes it’s Bil-Jac chicken liver training treats. On some occasions it’s frozen peas which is a bargain for his budget and tasty for me!

The doggy fun playing peekaboo is about more than the game and getting treats. The playful moments add up to a bond over the years that is priceless just like in the commercials. Doggy leash: $10.00. Chicken liver treat: 20 cents. Moments playing peekaboo: priceless.

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