Baby Pic of My Little Brother Sam

The baby kitty picture shown below is my little (older) brother Sam the cat taken in 1998, and shows his little sister, Nikki the puppy who was the newest family member. Both pets were less than 1 year old at the time and would play for hours wrestling like best friends.

Pets Sam and Nikki

The photo of them hiding happened one day as they were playing. A storm blew in and a ferocious boom sounded as thunder followed lightning very near their home. Scared witless, the two took off on the wooden floor spinning in place trying to get a grip. Side by side they spun across the floor like in a cartoon with barely enough traction to make any progress.

Mom and Dad had to search to find out where they went, and found them in the bedroom huddled side by side under a stand near the bed. Lifting the cover as shown revealed the cuteness of cat and dog buddies hiding together like best friends. Nikki passed away within a year of this photo from a rare congenital blood disease that mystified the vet. At 11 years old Sam still has the same cuteness except those huge ears look tiny now on his adult head.

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2 comments on “Baby Pic of My Little Brother Sam
  1. Busy Buttons says:

    Oh, they’re so adorable!

  2. Corky says:

    Thanks, Busy Buttons. Readers can check out my pawpal’s doggy blog or follow @BusyButtons tweets on Twitter. *Psst – BB has a 10th birthday coming up on Saturday, the 18th. Sam our cat (shown) will be 12 on the same day!