Ultimate Leave It Command

The photo below shows yours truly, Corky the puppy, obeying the ultimate leave it command as Sam our cat is allowed to eat a stinky treat (they’re the BEST) off my paw!

Your dog’s health could well depend on teaching them “Leave it” and is especially important when encountering dangerous trash while on a walk or other risky objects indoors. With leave it as a dog training exercise your pet can learn patience, too.

Corky doing leave it

The leave it command has protected me many times in the past year since moving in with my forever family. Going for a walk we find the ground littered with dangerous items like broken glass, chicken bones, or other sharp objects, and even cigarette butts. Inside the home, parents need a big imagination to figure out all the things a baby or puppy finds interesting enough to chew.

Referring to the photo above, Sam the cat is very relaxed as he munches the treat off my paw while I obey the ultimate leave it command. In another house with another dog Sam would be in BIG trouble!

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3 comments on “Ultimate Leave It Command
  1. @setters99 says:

    Very well put! You have very clever humans!

    I have a command that is similar to the “leave it”, in case I am too late to issue the “leave it”. It is the “Spit” command. If there is something in the mouth of one of my three pups and I’m not exactly sure what they have, I issue the “spit” command and they will spit out whatever they have. Has worked very well in the dog park since my irish has a hankering for cigarette butts (don’t get me started on the “what makes em think cigarette butts aint litter). A very handy command although sometimes what pops out isn’t necessarily pretty (half eaten lizards come to mind). We love how you share the wonderful things your humans are teaching you!

  2. Corky says:

    Thank you for the comments. It’s nearly full time work training my humans! My fans may want to follow Loret aka @setters99 on Twitter for interesting info on native plants of Osceola County, Florida (where I happen to live).

    Similar to your “spit” command I was taught “drop it” for those mystery taste test challenges I can’t resist. I easily give up treats, bones, and toys that others might defend, so the lesson is handy even if what I find turns out to be harmless.

  3. purplebear says:

    The two of you look so cute together. I had a doggie and kitty that were best buddies with each other. Definitely agree that is very important for any animal to be able to follow commands just for their own protection. :)I have an account for my lil flowers site so am gonna take your suggestion and follow her. I love flowers and plants so her tweets am sure would be very interesting. 🙂